We are here to make Christmas simpler, safer and brighter. Our aim is to decorate your home or place of business so we can bring a little bit of extra light into your holiday season.

At Capital Windows and Snow we make the Christmas lighting process as easy as possible for you. Our goal is to provide maintenance and hassle free Christmas light installation. We can meet with you to discuss colours and designs you have in mind and provide any of the lighting and related products We will then hang the lights on your roof, eaves, windows, trees, or wherever else you desire!



We use professional install techniques to install lights on your home or business without damaging your exterior in anyway.
We install lights on: Eavestroughs, Fascia, Soffits, Roof Trim Lines, Bushes, Trees, Garages, Railings, Pathways, etc.

Lights Etc.

We provide everything you need for the display of your dreams including all the lights, clips, timer and extension cords needed. We would be happy to install customer supplied lights.

Removal & Storage

In the Spring we can remove your lights. We provide boxes for storing the lights and will label everything to ensure easy setup for the following year. We can also store your lights for you over the off season in our secure facility. Light storage is an additional monthly cost.


We make the quoting process easy and simple for our customers. We provide our quotes either over the phone or by email.


Beautiful lighting displays will drive traffic to your place of business and build up morale amongst employees.

Exterior Lighting

We can setup Christmas lights on any size house.



Fill out your details and we'll contact you within 1 business day to finalize your quote.