Put away the ladder and squeegee, and grab a glass of lemonade. Capital Windows and Snow has you covered! Capital Windows and Snow takes the hard work out of window washing. While Edmonton is a beautiful place to live, its spontaneous weather patterns can often wreak havoc on your home. Our professional window cleaners are prepared to help you make your home the best it can be. Our Edmonton window washing services include residential as well as commercial window cleaning. No job is too big and no building is too tall for us! From bungalows to condominium complexes, our professional window washers are ready to tackle any job, leaving your windows sparkling clean. As we mentioned above, Edmonton’s crazy weather patterns can certainly leave your home looking a little less than desirable! Sometimes, dirt and dust get kicked up and blown around, and other times birds happen to… *ahem*… leave some of their business on your windows, if you know what we mean. This is why we also offer top quality pressure washing. If your home is in need of window washing services, contact Capital Windows and snow. We’ll leave your windows so clean, you will think they’re new!