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Let’s face it: Trees are beautiful and help provide us with life, but they can be a hassle. During the change of seasons, leaves, twigs, and other debris can clog up our gutters. Fortunately, Capital Windows and Snow provide an effective gutter cleaning service to ensure that all precipitation can flow smoothly down the gutter.


Do I really need to clean my gutters?

Short answer: YES.

Long answer: A home is only as strong as its weakest link. When all parts are functioning properly, you have a happy home. If you do not take care of your gutter, you could be leading to potential damage to your roof, walls, and foundation. Furthermore, unmaintained gutters have the potential to foster homes for insects and rodents.


When should my gutters be cleaned?

The frequency of having your gutters cleaned depends on several factors, including where you live, the amount of foliage over your home, and how often debris drop into the gutters. This is especially important in autumn, when leaves begin falling from the trees. If you happen to live around these conditions, on average, you should consider having your gutters cleaned every four months. Alternatively, you might want to consider a gutter cover, which we would be more than happy to educate you on as well as install for you.

Hiring a professional

Safety first! While doing a job yourself might sound like a good idea, the number of injuries sustained in falls from ladders each year is huge. The team at Capital Windows and Snow will come to your home, prepared with well-maintained safety equipment. Not only do we want to make sure that your home is in proper working condition, we want to make sure that you are, too.

Another benefit of hiring a professional is that we do each job from start-to-finish! There is no calling in a middle man, and for us, there is no such thing as a job left unfinished.



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