Residential Window Washing



Our Edmonton window washing services include residential as well as commercial window cleaning. No job is too big and no building is too tall for us! From bungalows to condominium complexes, our professional window washers are ready to tackle any job, leaving your windows sparkling clean.

Edmonton’s crazy weather patterns can certainly leave our home looking a little less than desirable! Dirt and dust get kicked up and blown around, and other times birds happen to… *ahem*… leave some of their business on your windows, if you know what we mean. Capital Windows and Snow understand the importance of window washing!


Residential window washing

Would you believe us if we said dirty windows impact the livelihood of your home? It’s true! Having dust and dirt accumulate over time can impact the vibrancy and mood of your home, not to mention the colour! Clean properties often sell at higher prices than those which show fewer signs of TLC.

Aside from physical appearance and overall feel of your home, the long-term effects of neglecting to clean your windows can result in micro-scratches and cracks from the debris. As one thing leads to another, you might soon find yourself having to replace your entire window(s). Minimize the cost of restoration by being proactive with window washing.

Living in Edmonton, we can all agree that it can get pretty cold in the winter months. We want to keep our homes toasty warm but loathe the utility bill each month. Did you know that dirt that sits on your window reflects UV light? Essentially, this means less sunlight warms your home, allowing for potential of an increased utility bill. Save those dollars for a rainy day by investing in your window maintenance early on!


Commercial window washing

First impressions are important. You want your office to make a statement, and there is no better way of doing so than to exhibit a clean office space. Your credibility will skyrocket when customers see that you truly care for your business, inside and out.

Keep in mind that you not only want to impress the visitors to the office, but you want to maintain a positive morale with your employees. Think about all of the light that is skewed by dirty windows! The lack of natural light entering your work space is sure to tarnish the atmosphere. A bright, clean setting is a definite motivator when it comes to productivity and organization.




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